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Female conductors were sometimes called
"clippies" (because they would "clip" the used portion of a return
or season ticket)

Actually, my memory is that it was they clipped the ticket to show where
you had boarded.

Nowadays, the ticket machine prints out where you boarded, the date and
time, and how much you paid. The route is divided into fare stages. Say
a route has 20 stops. Then the first five stops might be in the first
fare stage, the next five in the second, etc. It cost so much to travel
anywhere in one fare stage, a bit more to travel from one fare stage to
the next, and more if you travelled through three fare stages. (I
remember once boarding a bus in a town I didn't know and when I stated my
destination, the driver pointed out that if I'd walked a short distance
down the road, I'd be in a different fare stage and the fare would have
been less.)

In the old days, the tickets were pre-printed and had a list of fare
stages, possibly just numbers, down one side. The conductor would clip
the ticket with the fare stage you boarded, and, I presume, the fare you