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Have you stopped beating you wife yet David?


You haven't? So when did you start?

I didn't.

Then why did you say you stopped? See?

I didn't say I stopped. As you can easily see by reading what I

Not at all, I can clearly say that I asked a plain question "Have you
stopped beating your wife..." and you said, "No."

Indeed you can. You can even say that I said I stopped. But you would be
lying since, as you can see from what is quoted above, I didn't say I

David, you're lying, flat out. That's one of the reasons so many
people have contempt for you.

Oh, I'll even post one so that Dave can have objective evidence that
he's far from alone:

<snip MKK stuff>

Yes, I saw parts of that at the time.

I have a reasonable amount of time, it being summer. But the main reason
is that I am very bad at dropping an argument when it isn't over, when
the other party is saying things that seem to me clearly and
demonstrably wrong--as opposed to the point at which it is clear to each
party what the other's views are and why he holds them and on what
factual or theoretical questions they differ.

This is, of course, another lie. When I pointed out how egregiously
wrong you were on a simple point of mathematics, you neither continued
nor admitted you were wrong.

And thus, I submit, the biggest problem people have with
libertarianism is . . . libertarians. While David seems to be an
extreme case, there are others more extreme (think JAD) and others
less. But all seem to share a certain, shall we say, pathology.

Well I have a lot of sympathy towards a lot of liberatarian views, of
course, as an intelligent being I can over-ride my natural selfish instincts
and think about what is good for other people too.