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I've been using computers since the '70s myself, and there is no way in all the seven hells of space you'd get me back to a command line unless you made all GUI interfaces instantly lethal. It's not a matter of literacy. It's a matter of ease of use. No command line was EVER as easy to use as my Atari ST, my Mac, or even, gods forbid, WinBlows. I'd rather use a Windows 95 box than a command line. Hell, I'll even take Xwindows.


To use any kind of GUI I know about you have to take at least one
hand off the keyboard!  What the hell stupid kind of arrangement
is that?

That's not necessarily true. Almost everything that you routinely do with a mouse in Windows can also be done using the keyboard, you rarely need to use a mouse if you know the keyboard operations well enough. If your keyboard skills are good enough then using a mouse is slower, but most computer users don't have that level of keyboard skill.

The designers are trying to fix the problem by finding an alternative to the keyboard that works as well. They haven't succeeded yet. My best suggestion is a camera that lip-reads.

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Bernard Peek


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