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>> > Live on the BBC -- Discovery has just landed OK.
>> Good. Now somebody tell the news media to PLEASE get back to
>> discussion (if there's anything worth discussing) of the newly-proposed
>> planet, which they dropped like a hot potato when Discovery's loose
>> foam was noticed.
> Can't we discuss Iraq? (Pretty please, with C4 on it.)

Shuckins, we can pretty much discuss what we please around here. I was
referring to the newsfeeds that I get.

I'd been waiting nigh unto FIFTY YEARS for the potential discovery of a
tenth planet. Finally, it looks as though it's happening. Then all of a
sudden, the deadly FOAM appears, and the media people covering space
immediately forget about the tenth planet as though it were of absolutely
no importance to everybody.

Well, fine. Human lives are more important than an astronomical piece of
news. But now the Discovery astronauts are back down on the ground,
walkin' and talkin' and huggin' their families and eatin' hamburgers and

Yes, I also got upset when Asimov's death was wiped out of the news by Sam
Kinison's. (With the exaggerated claims at the time that Kinison really
had cleaned up his act after all. And then the revelations a few weeks
later on page 42 that, well, he had been all coked up while driving.)

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