Old novel, now-online

Beginning in 1985 or so I began writing a huge series of collaborative
"stories" with a friend of mine (they were stories in so much as they
had titles and characters and were printed on pages. They were missing
plot developments and points, usually. I may post some of those as
well!). Most of it was purile, so sometime around 1988 I took the good
ideas from it and turned it into a 1000 page novel. I haven't looked at
it since. I am posting it on the web for your perusal and doubtless
negligable enjoyment. I was about 16 or 17 at the time. It is being
reposted without (much) editorial interference from my now 34 year old

The name of the novel was "Looking for the Universe" and, like all good
science-fiction parodies, was meant to be a trilogy. However tallying
up each section now I think it would be a trilogy of very slim volumes.
There are about 200 episodes or chapters here, I will post them,
incrementaly, over the next year. I don't remember what happens, and I
don't know if I finished it. If we get to the end and it's not done,
I'll let the internet decide how it should finish.

You can find the book here: http://lookingfortheuniverse.blogspot.com

thanks for looking!