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Now reading "March Violets" by Philip Kerr and enjoying it immensely, but
only just started. His PI is funny and crude and cynical, paints a
scathing picture of Gestapo and some ordinary Germans who went along, but
I'm hoping to see more than wisecracks from the protagonist. Some great

I finished "March Violets" a few weeks ago and agree that it's most
enjoyable. The man can really tell a tale. Mine is the pb volume called
"Berlin Noir" -- contains the first three Bernie Gunther novels -- and
there are two more books to go when I've time: "The Pale Criminal" and "A
German Requiem." Wonderful writing. So glad to have discovered new to me
author Phillip Kerr. (who, by the way, was born in Edinburgh..)

At present I am reading two novels and alternating between them. Something I
hardly ever do... but they are both just too good!

I'm reading Connie Willis' "Blackout" -- it falls more into the sci fi
category and is about historians in 2060 in Oxford who travel back in time
to experience events first-hand. Much of the travelling is to WWII sites and
events. Absolutely brilliant story and eloquent writing. Don't miss it.
Next up for me will be "All Clear" which picks up where "Blackout" leaves
off... (Thanks to my spouse xoxo for the recommendation :)

And the other book I'm seriously into is also not classifed as a mystery,
per se, although there are many puzzles to be solved. It's "The People of
the Book" by Geraldine Brooks. It's about Hanna, an Australian rare book
expert, who is offered her job of a lifetime: analyzing the priceless
illuminated Sarjevo Haggadah rescued during the Bosnian War. When she
examines the book she finds amazing and curious things, including a tiny
insect wing fragment, salt crystals, wine stains, and a white hair... then,
the game's afoot to solve these mysteries... where did it originate? where
has it traveled to? how and where did the insect wing/hair/salt get into the
book??? etc. etc. Beautifully written and a totally engaging read.


off to read!