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At the very least *3* television crime shows have a cast member who would appear to be scuffing from the medical malaise known as *Asperger's Syndrome*

Temperance Brennan in *BONES*
Jerry Espenson in *BOSTON LEGAL*
Adrian Monk in *MONK*

We have come to think of it Dysfunctional Behavior the next Generation.

I know people with Asperger's. Temp and Adrian don't have it. Never saw the guy in Boston Legel. People with Asperger's are usually much more handicapped and odd, it is a form of Autism.

The contestant on The Amazing Race who has Asperger's seemed very high functioning. His main issue, he said, was that he was forced out of his normal, comfortable and presumably regimental routine. He got exasperated and impatient during a couple of challenges, but no more so than other contestants.


Bev Vincent