Re: Leonardo DiCaprio as Travis McGee

Here's a physical description from Wikipedia

Physically, McGee is a tall, tanned, sandy-haired man with pale grey
eyes. Several books hint (or explicitly state) that he's a USMC
veteran of the Korean War (though, as with many serial characters,
later books are less precise about exactly when he served). He was a
stand-out college football player (at tight end) and played
professional football for several seasons before a knee injury forced
him into retirement; despite his age, he retains the quickness and
agility of a professional athlete. He stands 6'4" (1.95 m) tall and,
although deceptively unimposing at his "fighting weight" of 205 lbs.
(93 kg), he's much stronger than he looks, with thick wrists and long
arms; occasionally, a more perspicacious adversary notes these
features when deciding whether to tangle with him or not. McGee
purposely cultivates an image of being uncoordinated, shambling, and
clumsy but has superb reflexes and muscle memory. He has a 33-inch
waist, wears a size 46 long jacket, and a shirt with a 17 1/2" neck
and 34" arms. McGee often discusses his fitness regimen, usually in
terms of regaining his fitness after a lazy period: swimming and
sprinting are frequently mentioned. As a martial art strategy, he
often covers his face and blocks punches with his arms and elbows to
lull and tire his opponent while studying that opponent's fighting
style. In the final novel, McGee is described as practicing the
Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan

Dave in Toronto