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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, While Gutless Umbrella Carrying Sissy
Pondered, Weak and Weary, Over Many a Quaint and Curious Forgotten
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Catawumpus <kimmerian@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> ... the RIAA is short on credibility, but the
> "new" lawsuits seem to be a misunderstanding about old ones
> that became public for the first time.

Gutless Umbrella Carrying Sissy <taustinca@xxxxxxxxx>:

>> Do you have *any* source for that claim that doesn't get their
>> paycheck from the RIAA?
Which is to say no, you don't.

You say wrong -- not for the first time.


Interesting. Makes you appreciate RAM, doesn't it?

John P

Yep, it does. And I see you cut off the cross-posters. Annoying sort, aren't they.