Re: Amazon shopping

Pogonip wrote:
Mary wrote:
Pogonip wrote:

Jill Brickman wrote:

Judi wrote:

free shipping of course for a total of $66.00
Not bad for 5 boobs, 4 of them hardcovers

I cannot be the only person who noticed the classic Judi typo here! I'll leave the punch line to Joanne.


I bin being soooo good!!! *Thank you, Barbara* Tongue all sore from biting......

Psst: that was Jill.


Pssst: Barbara said> Not bad at all; I am sure the Doublemint Twins paid a lot
more for theirs. But who only had one done?


Which was very good, I thought.

Oops. Sorry. I only saw Jill's comment that you quoted. But if there were five boobs, wouldn't the Doublemint Twins have an extra?