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(who notes that the BBC has decided to stop running "Neighbours" after
21 years - oh dear, how sad, never mind, don't cry)

I think they finally twigged it was a spent force :P

Not according to the story I read. Apparently they were outbid by a
rival network. Gawdelpus.

"Neighbours" was a spent force from its very first episode - even
moreso than "Home and Away". I can't believe that people watch that
drivel, but then I've been watching "The Bill" for decades and it's
probably just as bad. At least I've managed to stay clear of "East
Enders", although we went through a "High Road" phase for a while, to
my shame.

Perhaps the worst thing about "Neighbours" is that it was Kiley
Minogue's launching pad. And that Australian bloke in "House".


And Russell Crowe! *ducks*

Jenni :-)
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