Re: The Death Penalty (yes or no)

curmudgeon wrote:

All murders are in favor of the Death Penalty
The could be a murder otherwise
Think about it for a moment

Even with Joan's corrections, the concept is far too simplistic. It panders to the Hollywood-television vision of crime and its causes, for what little they care about such things.

For one thing it assumes that most killings are not only intentional but planned in advance. That does not comport to my observation of the world, where most killings arise out of emotions kindled on the spot.

Then there is the intentional aspect. How many killings are intended to be such? When a 16 year old boy involved in a brawl pulls a knife and stabs the person he is fighting [partial facts from a murder case I am involved with], is it because he thinks he sees the other boy reaching for something behind his back (a gun maybe?). Does he really intend to kill the other boy or is he just scared for his own life?

Then there are the crazy killings, like the one that occurred in town (Hartford) a week ago, when too many clients of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, formerly in juvenile custody, but they got too old, and were now being "mainstreamed" into city apartments, got together for a game of monopoly on a Friday night. By the end of the night an 18 year old woman was dead at the hands of four others. Uncontrollable emotions and an unhealthy environment were contributors to that tragedy.

Then there is the shibboleth about the death penalty being a deterrent to murder. We all know that is garbage. The killer never thinks of the consequences. And most killers never think at all. So how can the killer be said to favor the death penalty?

Francis A. Miniter