Re: I've missed y'all in a big way!

Judi wrote:
Well then, I'm going to have to top you as well as my Aussie man!
Howdy Wes!

Wes will be easy, but you can't top me, Lady. :-)
(Peerlessly prolix in Canberra)

I'd keep trying right now but I have to turn off my computer.
Once again, 12:30 in the afternoon, the sky is turning black and very noisy.
I'm on dial-up way out here in the country and I don't want my computer to blow.
This may be a dumb question but once we do get highspeed out here will I still need to turn off when storms are brewing?

off to mix a margarita and watch the show

I think you do need to turn it off, Judi, even with high speed. I have DSL now and still turn mine off when the thunder starts to roll. The times I haven't, the storm has turned it off for me. Just a flicker in the lights will get the computers and the microwave. This is after we had OEC put a surge protector on their pole outside our house.
Sue D.