Re: I've missed y'all in a big way!

Judi! We've missed you. Yikes, sounds like a quite a year -- and you
conquered all -- so good to have you back! Now, pick up "What The Dead
Know" from that tbr and enjoy one of the best reads of the year... it's
absolutely the best Laura's written, imo..

Happy you're here again,


"Judi" <jcroid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| It's a long and boring story.
| I had some health problems that I just didn't want to lay on RAM and I
| I would if I stuck around.
| All is well now.
| Plus I spent most of the last year in a tiny fishing village in Mexico,
| of recuperating, with no computer.
| Jeff came down often and brought me books so I got lots of reading in.
| Of course I don't remember most but the ones that stick out as my
| were
| The Kite Runner
| Wonderful, beautifully written, and I will not soon forget that one.
| The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow
| WoW! Much of the action took place in the state of Guerrero. Exactly where
| was in Mexico while reading it.
| And as I was reading there were many, maybe 16, beheadings of policia and
| federales and grenades lobbed in nightclubs and tossed at the tiny police
| stations just up the coast a bit from where I was.
| Just like the book. All druglord retaliation shit.
| You don't want to be hanging around police stations in the Mexican state
| Guerrero.
| The Winter of Frankie Machine also by Winslow
| The Book Thief
| I don't know what to say about this other than I loved it.
| Very rich and different.
| The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen
| She's always a winner in my book!
| Flags of Our Fathers
| This was truly fascinating reading for me as my dad was a Marine, first
| invasion of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.
| I now have a much better understanding of what happened to my dad 20 some
| years after the fact when out of the blue I witnessed him being hauled
| in a strait jacket, I was about 10, as he was screaming at 'his men' in
| kitchen. He was diagnosed as schytsophrenic(sp?) then, and went through
| months and months of shock treatments locked up in a VA psych ward only to
| come out of it in worse condition. Of course now it would be post
| stress syndrome and treated properly my childhood would have been much
| different. Not to mention quality of life for my poor dad.
| Anyway, I was riveted by this book. I thought the movie was very poorly
| done.
| Some clunkers that stick out were
| Minette Walters, The Devil's Feather
| What the ....? I'm done with her. Terrible!
| The last 2 by Robert Crais. I can't even remember the titles.
| Wish I could remember more but I left my books in Mexico and my mind is a
| sieve.
| I just started Storm Runners by T Jefferson Parker
| Up next on my TBR is
| Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know
| Michael Connelly, Echo Park
| Sharp Objects
| Shantaram
| Has anyone read this? I've been putting it off for years.
| Huge book. Is it worth it?
| Kat! If you're reading this...Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!
| I am so looking forward to Greywalker
| Surely there's a new Donald Harstad out soon?
| I'm not seeing anything and I am so ready for a Carl Houseman.
| Hope it's been a good year for Rammers.
| It was painful but I've had to delete a gazillion posts. What have I
| It's been 9 years (yikes!) since I started on RAM. Y'all didn't really
| I was gone for good did you?
| Oh and I'm rooting for Jordin!
| I think Melinda is amazing but hoping Jordin, at 17, wins.
| Plus she's probably much more marketable.
| It sounds so mushy but
| Love to all...
| .
| judi