More PMD620 Problems with new Firmware

I updated my Marantz PMD620 to A2.03 firmware. And immediately started
having some problems with the WAV file format.

The machine now puts in a bext chunk, but the timecode field is populated
with some numbers that don't make sense. They are not chronological nor or
they the correct time from the internal clock.

Second problem is that out of 10 files recorded in a test, hitting Record
then recording 16bit 48k stereo for about 2 minutes then hitting stop, 3
out of the 10 files were corrupted. The problem was that if you pulled the
card out of the recorder and tried to play them on a computer they would not

Checking the data in the corrupted files I find that the sound data is
there, but the data chunk header shows ZERO length. So most players like
Windows Media Player will not be able to play the file. If you try to play
the files in the PMD620 The display briefly shows the word "RESTORE" and
then proceeds to play the file normally. Examining the file in a hex viewer
after this "RESTORE" happens I see that it has written a new data header
over the bext chunk header and put in the proper length of that position to
the end of the file. The bext chunk data is still there, but since the
chunk name was overwritten it is no longer readable as a Broadcast wav file.
Also the data from the bext chunk is played as audio. (small glitch) since
the players now think it is part of the data chunk.

Has anyone else had this problem? I talked to tech support for D&M pro and
they kept asking what type of card I was using ( a 2 Gig Kingston SD card).

I don't think it has anything to do with the card type since I was recording
2 tracks 16 bit 48k. That card is fast enough for that and the data is all
there. It seems that the new firmware is intermittently not updating the
size of the data chunk when closing the file. This smells like a bug to me.
However Tech support claims no-one has reported any problems until I called.
(they always say that).