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What was the title of any song he ever sang?

Appropriately enough, Cal..."Beat It".  :)

Derek Janssen

Quite apart from the inevitable political considerations being
raised here, let me make an OT comment, sort of... by stating that the
most phenomenal sound I have ever--- *ever*!-- experienced in a movie
theatre was in the Magic Eye Theatre in Disneyland, in which "Captain
Eo" was screened (in 3D) in steady rotation from '86 through to
sometime in the 90s-- whenever Jacko started turning into a commercial
liability. As a film, even though directed by that Coppolla guy and X-
produced (and co-written) by George Lucas, it didn't amount to much
more than the most expensive rock video ever made, but we still went
back to see it it a dozen times or more-- no mean feat when you live
1500 miles away. When the synth-punched bass-and-drums intro to the
featured song-- "We Are Here to Change the World", I think it's
called-- started up, it sounded like the end of the friggin' world.
Pure visceral room-shaking audio pleasure. How often do we get to hear
recorded music played as loud as we want to hear it on a world-class
distortion-free sound system? We weren't even MJ fans and we still
kept going back (bonus point: the ever-luscious Anjelica Huston played
a pretty fetching prototype of a Borg Queen). I'd like to think that
whoever Disney hired to design and install that system (Skywalker
Sound, maybe?) is still out there somewhere building theatres, but who

BTW, you'll find "Eo" on YouTube, but it just ain't the same.


Ever-luscious Angelica Huston?