Re: "V" a raving leftwing paranoid fantasy?

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whats your fanatsy Rich? Youre entire schtick is "lefty bad." Dont you
have anything constructive or positive to say, even if from your
perspective? You remind me of the communist manifesto. I read that
wanting to see why they thought communism was going to be so good and
the entire book was nothing but capiltalism bashing. I kept thinking,
ok but what's good about your views, in fact what ARE your views? No
wonder they failed, their entire philosophy was based on bashing an
opposing view, just like you. You are just a poster boy for the angry
right, you do realize that, dont you?

My fantasy, and it's a way out one, is that Hollywood would
start making films that didn't always pander to the liberal World

You mean, like those 99% of other movies they crank out every year?
Listen, if you listen to Rush Limbaugh for your movie reviews, you'll
think that the only two movies out this year were "Brokeback Mountain"
and "V for Vendetta." When you pass your local theater, read the
marquee out front. You'll get a better idea of what's actually being

Oh please don't make me start proving my point. I did this a couple
years ago, systematically dismantling the plots of each movie that
came out. Very few could be considered "conservative" and almost all
of them had the usual liberal leftist platititudes in them.

I insist you prove your point. Most of what Hollywood produces is
action-oriented, youth-aimed stuff that's apolitical. If you want to
consider them as having a conservative theme -- whatever you think that
is -- there have been some fairly successful war movies. Your view is
skewed, and you simply have no proof of it.

"V For Vendetta" is a start, isn't it?