Re: For sale: Kanstul 3 valve powerbore G soprano bugle with tune a note feature


I went and took a closer look at this 3 valve Kanstul
Powerbore Key of G Soprano Bugle last night and worked on it and
cleaned it up a little, and although I do not have a picture to post of

this horn, it is in very close to almost new condition. This horn only
has one very small ding that I could find , which is near the tune a
note u hook, and that ding is very small, perhaps only 3 mm long and
not very deep at all, and this is a ding not really much of a dent,
this ding is so small it will not effect the playing of the horn. I
also noticed two light scratches on the horn that are so light that
they are hard to notice unless you look very close. Besides those very
minor cosmetic issues, the only thing that keeps this horn from being
listed as in brand new condition is that it does has some typical minor

tarnish issues in those hard to reach areas, and if you worked on this
horn a little you perhaps could eliminate the tarnish. Almost all, if
not all, of the silver finish is in tact.The horn does show some very
minor evidence of the six times that it was played/used in public.The
horn has never been used by anyone but me, a professional trumpet
player. It comes with a Pro Tec (not pro pac)horn case in almost new
condition. The horn comes with no mouthpiece. The bell looks almost
brand new, and shows only very little if any minimal wear from being on

a horn stand a few times. All slides and parts are in good working
order and move. All valves move freely.Although I do not have a picture

to show you, if you are going to march this horn you should be very
pleased with its current almost new condition, and a chance to buy a
horn in such condition for about $250.00 less than what I paid for it
brand new.

For Sale:

Kanstul Key of G 3 valve powerbore soprano bugle with tune a note
feature in excellent almost new condition. Perhaps about 2 minor
scratches and one or so very small ding(s), none which will effect the
that this horn plays. This is a large bore (470) horn with the plus
size bell. This horn has a dark tone and projects very well.

This horn was bought new from Kanstul in 2004.

Used very little(6 times), never marched.

I hate to sell this super nice bugle ,but I do not use it much anymore
and I am in debt to my wife for several receintly purchased horns, so I

have to let some of these horns, the ones that I am not playing, go.

Includes a used black Pro Tec case in very good condition.

Price is $400.00 firm + $25.00 for USPS 2-3 day mail shipping w/

US Postal money will be the only accepted form of payment.

DO NOT buy a Postal Order or send money to me until you contact me at
423-507-9970 and get a confirmation first.

First come first served, so if you want to buy this horn, send in your
e-mail early.

If USPS money order is not received within one week of confirmation,
this horn will be re-listed.

Sorry, sales to Continental USA only.

Dr. Michael E. Schmidt
Trumpet of the Lord
268 CR 249
Athens, TN 37303