Re: activities on non-park days

Thanks for the additional info. Here are some dining ideas:
* Trail's End Restaurant - Since you're thinking about the campfire
movie, you might stop in at the buffet at Fort Wilderness. It's a good
value with homestyle cooking.
* How about one of the unique restaurants at Downtown Disney?
Rainforest Cafe and Raglan Road might work for you. We love the
sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich, which also has great salads.
* Chef Mickey's is also fun. The buffet has a variety of foods, and
it's fun eating in the concourse of the Contemporary. The characters
include Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald, so it's more tolerable to
teens and adults than the "princess meals." It is a bit noisy.

We've had mixed results with "the show" at Whispering Canyon. The food
is good; service is sometimes great, sometimes not.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else.

Happy day,

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The Smiths wrote:
Thanks for all the replies! On meals:

Budget isn't really an issue. We usually go out for one nicer meal at Disney
(have already been to Crystal Palace and Tepenaki Dining at Epcot Japan).
The problem is I have one vegetarian (not picky though...will eat any non
meat items) in my group and a VERY picky 10 yo. Most disney menus I have
seen have children's menus for those 9 and under. My 10 yo. is tall and
would not pass for 9. Can we still order off the kids menu? Can I pay a
higher price for an adult mac and cheese? I wish Disney had a "big kids
meal". It seems strange to expect them to go from chicken nuggets to hummus
at the age of 10. I am more worried about feding the 10 yo. than the
vegetarian. Maybe a nice breakfast out would work...we all like
breakfast...but no character Whispering Canyon Cafe fun for
breakfast? My 10 yo. saw it on TV last week and loved it, but I am afraid
she would be let down if they didn't "perform" while we were there. Do we
need to call ahead for reservations?



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