Re: So You Think You Can Dance - Brian & Heidi's Viennese Waltz Routine (may contain spoliers)

"Bob Wheatley" <xmaster.dancer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Do you mean _my_ question? The one I asked about where to draw the line?

I answered it, shared what I thought. Here it is: "I don't think you can
draw a line. You might be able to draw a continuum along which it becomes
less like dancing and more like actobatics or gymnastics with "dance" and
one end and "acrobatics" at the other."

Actually, I just wanted to hear what others thought. Most dance genres
will limit acrobatic movements to some degree or another so that the dance
still gets delivered. (Whatever the dance in question is)

True.And a difference I recognise. I think of Aerials (spelling?) in Lindy
Hop. Though a definite part of the dance, they stay on beat and follow the
rhythm. Well, as far as my unpracticed eye/ear can tell. Would that be an
example you would use, of a dance with acrobatic elements? When I think
about it and compare it to, say, demonstration gymnastics/acrobatics which
contain dance elements or aerobic-style demonstrations that include dance
steps. I see there that the emphasis is "gynastics/acrobatics" and the
"dance" elements are a part of that. Thus, the "dance" is an element of a
larger activity.

Maybe that would work, to ask "what is the major activity being done here?"
and proceed from there. So, an aerobic class that includes dance steps isn't
"dancing", but "aerobics". That would make the acrobatics (and aerials) fall
under their respective dance -- Hip-Hop and Lindy.

While almost all dance forms have some amount of acrobatic movements, I
know of none that would claim that as it's foundation.

I wouldn't say that acrobatics is a foundation of Hip-Hop (if that's what
you meant). Hip-Hop is a culture -- music (including rapping, djaying, and
mcing), politics, the street/'hood, language, counter-culture, clothing, art
(graffiti mainly), and dance. But mostly it's about free interpetation and
styling as a form of self-expression. Liek with rapping, youdo your "thing".
If others "get it" then they also do your thing, or refine it and use it as
a platform to do their "thing". And if you get that then you copy and
change. And so on. Yes, the marketing tries to define and classify because
that's the nature of corporations and needed for control of the golden egg
laying goose.

The dance grew out of break-dancing as well as a form I forget but it
includes moonwalk (before MJ ever did it!). Interestingly, some people give
Brazilian "Capoeira" credit for the originas of break dancing. Acrobatics is
a part of some of the threads that led to current Hip-Hop, but only if the
kids keep it in there. Hip-Hop is fluid, changing, freestyling. Who knows
what it will look like five years from now, even next year.

Me? I don't have a mathematical equation for percentages of dance versus
acrobatics. As long as my perception is that "most" of what I have seen is
dancing, I love a few acrobatics for flavoring.

We seem to be closer now in our definition.Think about the dance-acrobatics
continuum and the "part of the greater whole" and see if that brings it more
into focus.


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