June 20: What's the dopiest story strip going?

The question was raised, so, let's have it. What *is* the
dopiest story going on right now? Is it ...

_Apartment 3-G_ and Nina's complete unawareness of what this
labor and delivery stuff is, and the sudden disappearance of all forms
of communication from her life while Scott drifts back and forth across
the screen like a bad sprite from a Commodore 64 video game:


_Gasoline Alley_ taking a cat, a snake, three stooges, and Slim:


_Gil Thorp_ and the pregnant teen who's not actually that good at


_Judge Parker_ getting so wrapped up in people throwing money at
him he doesn't even suspect he's going ``fishing'' with a scam artist who's
going to feed him to the hillbillies:


_Mandrake_ vamping while Fred Fredericks tries to figure if it's
worth shoehorning him into the recently resolved end-of-the-world plot
or if he's got to think of something new for Mandrake to *not do*
anything about:


_Mark Trail_ marks trail:


_Mary Worth_ gives advice to people so desperate for help they
turn to Wilbur, who's decided that since his daughter, squarely in the
operatic years of her life, needs an unwanted trip to Italy to get over
a buh-buh-buh-*boy*:


Olive Oyl tries to buy _Popeye_'s love:


_Rex Morgan_ somehow continues the current _Rex Morgan_
story whatever the heck it is:


Clown-9 goes to extraordinary effort to make _Spider-Man_ look
silly and ineffective, showing that Clown-9, whatever his other virtues,
doesn't read the newspapers:


Remember to show your work for full credit.

I would say _Apartment 3-G_ and _Spider-Man_ are the frontrunners
at the moment, but could easily see _Mark Trail_ managing to come out
ahead if he actually tries to pull off a solution to the murder mystery
he's supposedly out there to deal with.

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