Matt Groening ends his "Life in Hell"

Matt Groening has decided to end his weekly comic strip.
"At its height, Life in Hell was distributed to 379 newspapers,
she says. Now it's down to just 38. The final strip ran June 15,
but reruns will continue through July 13.
"Life in Hell's circulation fell as alternative papers —
hurt badly by the loss of classified ads, which went
to Craigslist and other websites — cut back."

by Matt Groening
April 25, 1980 - June 15, 2012
(reprints run until July 13, 2012)
weekly strip
L.A.Reader (1980-86)/L.A.Weekly (1986-2009)
self-syndicated(Acme Features) 1986 - 2012
Titled "Life is Swell" from early 2007 - ????
[Originally appeared in a xeroxed comic book in 1977
(prototyped in college cartoons),
began comic strip life in Sept-Oct, 1978 issue of WET magazine.]



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