"Most major U.S. print dailies will be dead in five years"

Is the end near for the daily newspaper?

"Everybody blames the Internet for the decline of newspapers, but the
Web is only the most recent of electric interruptions to have
disturbed their profitability, which began with radio in the late
1920s and was followed by broadcast television, car radios, transistor
radios, FM radio, and cable television. Newspapers were in so much
advertising trouble in September 1941 that Time magazine ran a piece
(paid) about their “downward economic spiral.” Press scholar David R.
Davies argues in his 2006 book The Postwar Decline of American
Newspapers, 1945-1965 that daily newspapers were in serious trouble by
the mid-1960s, because, among other things, they had failed to hook
the baby boom generation. Los Angeles Times press reporter David Shaw
sounded the alarm in a 1976 piece in his newspaper. It began: “Are you
now holding an endangered species in your hands?”

The Great Newspaper Liquidation by Jack Shafer
isn't a feel-good article about the medium that
built comic strip powerhouses and millionaires.