Groovy Grove- hipster friend of Dick Tracy

Groovy Grove!

I was trying to explain him this morning, and misremembered him as "Groovy Grass"... I thought for sure there would be at least an image or two of him somewhere on the internet, myself... which brought me to your splendid page. For some reason for a while during that era of Dick Tracy I began clipping and collecting those strips, possibly because they were such major changes in the Dick Tracy mythos... when Groovy was introduced, he proposed things like a kind of odd policeman's uniform "For 1971" or something like that.... this was a run of several weeks, or months during that summer. Anyway, the way things seem to work on the internet is the more we write about something, the sooner the images and whatnot surfaces here.

"...I tried finding some images of “Groovy Grove,” Tracy’s hep 1970s sidekick, but the internet, for once, wasn’t forthcoming."

Hopefully that may be changing very soon...