Cathy 1/29/2008. Yes, I said Cathy


About every decade or so even Cathy has a strip that I actually
think is funny. I should say it's the *idea* in this week's arc
that I find amusing.

It's a 21st century concern, give or take a few years, and a very
real one. I've got one friend I wish would stop forwarding all
the political crap that reflects his concerns (but he feels we
must be educated), and a sister who forwards every urban legend
and email chain letter that comes her way, so I can certainly
sympathize with this.

Even though I think she's really stretching it out, if indeed
Guisewite plans to run with this for an entire week. And
what she gets wrong for the sake of the "attachment" puns
is that most of this stuff isn't attached. The columns, photos,
jokes and tips are in the body of the message (curse you,
HTML mail!).

--Mike Blake