Re: Gimel: "For nobody but a logger, sir, stirs coffee with his thumb."

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Brian Huntley <brian_huntley@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jan 3, 1:54 pm, jdnic...@xxxxxxxxx (James Nicoll) wrote:
Unlike the logger in James Stevens' THE FROZEN LOGGER, I
seriously considered putting on gloves and swapping out my shoes
for boots when it hit a mere - 17 C yesterday. At one hundred
degrees below zero, I wouldn't be buttoning up my vest but staying
inside (I'd also be a little curious how it could be 173 K in

"At one hundred degrees below zero,
He buttoned up his vest."

It *was* chilly today, wasn't it?

It was a bit nippy.

I helped my mother move from a farm to the city on a night that
hit -40. *That* was cold.
-- (For all your "The problem with
defending the English language [...]" T-shirt, cup and tote-bag needs)