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But if you were REALLY intelligent, those patent applications would
been in iambic pentameter...

Engineering patents work best in anapestic trimeter.

Although our patent lawyers were not amused when I tried to submit one
as a haiku.

This design kicks ass.
Innovation and genius.
Give me my bonus.

I always though limericks worked better:

As (1) plastic enters a (2) new mold,
The (3) steel screw displaces the (4) old.
And profits will rise
When customer buys
This (5) improved processing meth-old.

I had a crazy old boss, a sort of mad genius who, from time to time, filed
legal Complaints in doggerel. But I don't have any handy, so instead, here
is a Patent application I recently came across:

US published application no. 2007 0035812 - "Godley Powers"

Abstract: Christopher Anthony Roller is a godly entity. "Granters" had
been given my powers (acquired my powers) (via God probably). These
"granters" have been receiving financial gain from godly powers. These
"granters" may be using their powers without morals. Chris Roller wants
exclusive right to the ethical use and financial gain in the use of
godly powers on planet Earth. The design of godly-products have no
constraints, just like any other invention, but the ethnic consideration
of it's use will likely be based on a majority vote of a group, similar
to law creation. The commission I require could range from 0-100% of
product price, depending on the product's value and use.