And in conclusion I hate you all...

In 1996, I ran a little thing called the Bizarro Squiddies. I posted the
ballot, for the last time, Feb. 23. I posted results May 12 of that year.
People villified me for being late. Jim Cowling threatened me in e-mail.
You'd have thought I had kidnapped the Lindburgh baby.

No, forget that this was the most on time the awards had probably ever
been. Forget that I had around 5 times as many voters that year. Forget
that I had more categories to tally. Those were all marketting issues. I
was trying, that year, to drum up interest, and it worked. People thought
they had a *right* to the Bizarro Squiddies and I was holding it away from


This year the final call for votes in the actual Squiddies was May 8.
And... crickets.

We don't have any awards.

I don't care about that.

What I care is this, compared to the speed with which the awards have
usually been administered over the past decade or so, I tabulated my
votes with exceptional speed. Hell, compared to the year before I took
them over, I did it with exceptional speed. Some of you were reading the
newsgroups back then. Where's your outrage now? Why did you heap abuse on
me and these people like Hal and Nick and now Carl and Johanna get a free

So I say this: *VERMIN*!!!!! HYPOCRITES!!!!! SCUM!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD ALL
BE DEVOURED BY LEECHES!!! (Those of you who were not reading this group in
1996 and/or did not write me with abuse, feel free to ignore this message.
The rest of you, imagine me making an obscene gesture at you.)

An experiment in publishing:
The All-New, All-Different Howling Curmudgeons!

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