Re: Did They Already Do a Secret Invasion

Kenneth M. Lin wrote:
Like more than twenty years ago? Dire Wraiths? Rom the Space Knight? This has got to be the best toy-tie-in comics and I highly doubt that the toy itself sold very well. The current S.I. would have worked so well if it were Dire Wraiths finding a way to escape the Limbo and plot revenge against Earth. Think about it. Dire Wraiths pracitced magics and nobody ever developed a way to detect them the last time.

There are two problems:

1) In their original form, a dire wraith doesn't look as pretty as the skrull princess.

2) The dire wraiths do not fit the tortured analogy of oppressive religion against 'sensible' science (of which Reed and Stark embody) which Bendis is trying to make.

So no go.