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It doesn't matter, because Mephisto never offered that deal.

Because he didn't ask...which is another major problem with this
story...he's willing to make a deal with the devil to save his Aunt
who got shot because of him...but Uncle Ben (who got shot because of
him) doesn't even get a is to laugh...or cry.

Fundamental difference: Ben died years ago and May hasn't died yet.
Peter is more concerned with preserving life rather than resurrecting
the dead.

Oh please...he's re-writing his whole life and reality to correct one
tragedy and none of the numerous other similar tragedies even enter
his thinking? For that matter, why didn't he try this hard to save
all the other people he's lost when he lost them (including when he
thought he lost MJ...or the first time he lost Aunt May)? It's all a
load of crap.

As someone pointed out, May hadn't died at that point. All Peter was
asking was that she not die. In the case of the others he would have
been asking for a resurrection since there were either dead or thought
to be dead. Of course, the fact that Harry is back in action kind of
belays the fact that he could have at least sought out a resurrection
here or there. Of course, you can only sell you soul once.


Apperantly someone doesn't read Hellblazer or you wouldn't say that. 8)

Saw the movie. Does that count? Did they make a Classics Illustrated
of that?