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Of course he's an idiot for not going back far enough to save Gwen,
much less Uncle Ben.

He's not an idiot.  First, Ben's death shaped the direction of his life.
 An old What If aside, I don't think Peter would have become Spider-Man
had Ben lived.  Second, saving Gwen would outright mean he wouldn't get
together with MJ.  When your marriage is being retroactively dissolved,
but you're hoping you might somehow get back together with her wife, why
bring your old girlfriend into the picture?  Besides, if you want to go
back that far, why not just save his parents?  Kill Hitler before WWII?
Save Jesus?  Well, I could go on, really, but you have to assume Peter
wants to be fundamentally the same person with the same interests

No matter whose life he could save instead!

It doesn't matter, because Mephisto never offered that deal.

Because he didn't ask...which is another major problem with this
story...he's willing to make a deal with the devil to save his Aunt
who got shot because of him...but Uncle Ben (who got shot because of
him) doesn't even get a is to laugh...or cry.