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Are you sure Morrison's Shining Knight didn't replace the
original in conitnuity?  Ihaven't seen him appear or even get a
mention since that one showed up...and when did this bit with
Morrison's Klarion getting sent to the future happen?  Because
I haven't seen the original anywhere since he appeared
(including Reign in Hell...though I only glanced through it so
I may have missed something) and Morrison's version just
appeared in last month's Teen Titans as a possible new recruit.

Sir Justin was killed off in Identity Crisis. I don't think he's
been borught back to life yet.

You sure about that? His sword was used to kill Firestorm but
everything I've found online says he was upset about his role in
that death. (Baseless guilt.) I haven't read anything that said
Sir Justin was dead.

Well, I read just about everything DC puts out and I don't
remember seeing that Sir Justin in any subsequent
appearances...even to display his "baseless guilt."

Sure, but he wasn't exactly around before that either. The point is
that there was no death scene.

Fair enough...but there was not "baseless guilt" scene either, as I
recall...don't believe everthing you read online.

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