Re: Manbat #3 - Central Time??

On 27 Jun 2006, the voices tell me mwolvie@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Batman figures out one of the mysteries by deducing that the murders
take place at the same time because they didn't account for the hour
time change because the murders were 200 miles apart and Gotham is on
CENTRAL TIME? WTF??? Since when is coastal, near Metropolis and New
York Gotham on Central time? Did they just get their terminology
backwards....or is this tale already turning into an Elseworlds?

Chris C.

Welcome to the Bruce-iverse, where cities float freely on concrete seas,
where brilliant detectives' exteriors hide inner male models yearning for
the runway, and where even Travis Morgan is an incompetent (and boring)

WTH happened to the guy who wrote the original direct-only KA-ZAR THE
SAVAGE all those years ago? Heck, he even did some reputedly decent CONAN
after the Rascally One defected to DC. And his ALIEN WORLDS and TWISTED
TALES represent the highwater mark of their ilk in comics' post-EC era. He
definitely used to be better than this.

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