Happy 85th, Charles Geer! (Illustrator, "The Mad Scientists' Club" by Bertrand Brinley)

Born on Long Island, he attended Dartmouth, served in WWII and now
lives in Lebanon, New Jersey. (Or, possibly, Rockland, Maine.)

At one point his works were on exhibit at Vanderbilt University in
Nashville, Tennessee.

"A strange sea monster appears on the lake ...a fortune is unearthed
from an old cannon ...a valuable dinosaur egg is stolen. Watch out as
the Mad Scientists turn Mammoth Falls upside down!

"Take seven, lively, 'normal' boys -- one an inventive genius -- give
them a clubhouse for cooking up ideas, an electronics lab above the
town hardware store, and a good supply of Army surplus equipment, and
you, dear reader, have a boyhood dream come true and a situation that
bears watching."

Besides Brinley's books and Ellen MacGregor's and Dora Pantell's "Miss
Pickerell" series, other books he's known for illustrating are:

Clifford B. Hicks' "The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald"
Hazel Krantz's "One Hundred Pounds of Popcorn"
Barbee O. Carleton's "The Secret of Saturday Cove"
Richard Parker's "M for Mischief"

(some covers)

For young people; self-illustrated:

Dexter and the Deer Lake Mystery, Norton, 1965.

Soot Devil, Grosset, 1971.

Illustrator; all for young people:

Louis Wolfe, Clear the Track: True Stories of Railroading, Lippincott,
Dustin C. Scott (pseudonym for Verne Chute), The Return of Mojave Joe,
Knopf, 1952 (Geer was not associated with earlier edition); Virginia
Sorensen, Plain Girl, Harcourt, 1955.
Helen Rushmore, Chief Takes Over, Harcourt, 1956.
Gwendolyn Bowers, The Lost Dragon of Wessex, Oxford University Press,
Mary Beery, Young Teens Talk It Over, Whittlesey House, 1957.
Helen Oakley, The Ranch by the Sea, Knopf, 1959.

Hazel Wilson, Jerry's Charge Account, Little, Brown, 1960.
(With Sally Tate) James Whitcomb Riley, Joyful Poems for Children,
Bobbs-Merrill, 1960.
Clifford B. Hicks, The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald, Winston,
Lilla Stirling, The Pipe Organ in the Parlor, Thomas Nelson, 1960.
Adeline McElfresh, Summer Change, Bobbs-Merrill, 1960.
Maurine H. Gee, Timothy and the Snakes, Morrow, 1960.
Ursula M. Williams, The Earl's Falconer, Morrow, 1961.
Gee, Jeff and the River, Morrow, 1961.
Audrey McKim, Lexy for Short, Abingdon, 1961.
Alice P. Miller, Make Way for Peggy O'Brien!, Lippincott, 1961.
Margaret Pitcairn Strachan, Mennonite Martha, Ives Washburn, 1961.
Sydney Taylor, Mr. Barney's Beard, Follett, 1961.
Hazel Krantz, One Hundred Pounds of Popcorn, Vanguard Press, 1961.
An Rutgers vander Loeff-Basenau, Oregon at Last!, Morrow, 1961.
Florence Wightman Rowland, Pasquala of Santa Ynez Mission, Walck,
Barbee O. Carleton, The Secret of Saturday Cove, Holt, 1961.
Molly Cone, The Trouble With Toby, Houghton, 1961.
Marian Place, Young Deputy Smith, Viking, 1961.
Strachan, Dolores and the Gypsies, Ives Washburn, 1962.
Hildreth Tyler Wriston, The Oom-Pah Horn, Abingdon, 1962.
Robert J. Antonacci and Jene Barr, Physical Fitness for Young
Champions, Whittlesey House, 1962.
Martha Robinson, The Twins at Thatchem Quickett, Ives Washburn, 1962.
Phyllis R. Fenner, editor, Dark and Bloody Ground: Stories of the
American Frontier, Morrow, 1963.
Edwin Palmer Hoyt, From the Turtle to the Nautilus: The Story of
Submarines, Little, Brown, 1963.
Margaret Scherf, The Mystery of the Velvet Box, F. Watts, 1963.
Cone, Reeney, Houghton, 1963.
Gordon R. Dickson, Secret Under Antarctica, Holt, 1963.
Strachan, Summer in El Castillo, Ives Washburn, 1963.
Marjorie B. Paradis, Too Many Fathers, Atheneum, 1963.
Jean Horton Berg, The Wee Little Man, Follett, 1963.
Fenner, editor, Behind the Wheel: Stories of Cars on Road and Track,
Morrow, 1964.
Bianca Bradbury, Circus Punk, Macrae, 1964.
Krantz, Free-style for Michael, Vanguard Press, 1964.
Helga Sandburg, Gingerbread, Dial, 1964.
Gerald Raftery, The Natives Are Always Restless, Vanguard Press,
Richard Edward Wormser, Ride a Northbound Horse, Morrow, 1964.
Dickson, Secret Under the Caribbean, Holt, 1964.
McKim, That Summer With Lexy, Abingdon, 1964.
Fenner, editor, Danger Is the Password: Stories of Wartime Spies,
Marrow, 1965.
Babbis Friis Baastad, Kristy's Courage, Harcourt, 1965.
Bertrand R. Brinley, The Mad Scientists' Club, Macrae, 1965.
Ellen MacGregor and Dora Pantell, Miss Pickerell on the Moon, McGraw,
Marjory Schwalje, Mystery at Redtop Hill, Whitman Publishing, 1965.
Verne T. Davis, The Runaway Cattle, Morrow, 1965.
Krantz, The Secret Raft, Vanguard Press, 1965.
Farley Mowat, The Curse of the Viking Grave, Little, Brown, 1966.
Elizabeth P. Witheridge, Dead End Bluff, Atheneum, 1966.
Gee, Flood Hazard, Morrow, 1966.
Richard Parker, M for Mischief, Duell, 1966.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell Goes on a Dig, McGraw, 1966.
Fenner, compiler, Open Throttle: Stories of Railroads and Railroad
Men, Morrow, 1966.
Beery, Young Teens Away From Home, McGraw, 1966.
Eve Hanley, A Blazing Torch, Ives Washburn, 1967.
Fenner, editor, Contraband: Stories of Smuggling the World Over,
Morrow, 1967.
Helen F. Daringer, Just Plain Betsy, Harcourt, 1967.
Barbara Goolden, Trouble for the Tabors, Ives Washburn, 1967.
Laurence Hyde, Captain Deadlock, Houghton, 1968.
Hoyt, Deadly Craft: Fireships to PT Boats, Little, Brown, 1968.
Gee, Firestorm, Morrow, 1968.
Fenner, compiler, The Hunter and the Hunted: Stories of Forest and
Field, Morrow, 1968.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell Harvests the Sea, McGraw, 1968.
Brinley, The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club, Macrae,
Roy Simpson Marsh, Tundra, Arctic Sled Dog, Macrae, 1968.
Jessie Hosford, An Awful Name to Live Up To, Meredith Press, 1969.
Hoyt, Destroyers, Foxes of the Sea, Little, Brown, 1969.
Fenner, compiler, Finders Keepers: Stories of Treasure Seekers,
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Molly Lefebure, Scratch and Company: The Great Cat Expedition,
Meredith Press, 1969.

Anthony Fon Eisen, The Magnificent Mongrel, World Publishing, 1970.
Fenner, compiler, Perilous Ascent: Stories of Mountain Climbing,
Morrow, 1970.
Arthur J. Beckhard, The Story of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Grosset, 1970.
Fenner, compiler, Desperate Moments: Stories of Escapes and Hurried
Journeys, Morrow, 1971.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell and the Weather Satellite,
McGraw, 1971.
Fenner, compiler, Where Speed Is King: Stories of Racing Adventure,
Morrow, 1972.
Fenner, compiler, Consider the Evidence: Stories of Mystery and
Suspense, Morrow, 1973.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell Meets Mr. H.U.M., McGraw, 1974.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell Takes the Bull by the Horns,
McGraw, 1976.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell to the Earthquake Rescue,
McGraw, 1977.
MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell and the Supertanker, McGraw,

MacGregor and Pantell, Miss Pickerell Tackles the Energy Crisis,
McGraw, 1980.