Happy 90th, I.G. Edmonds! ("Ooka the Wise" aka "Case of the Marble Monster")

(I AM taking a slight risk here - there's no conclusive post-1982
information about him that I can find.)

His full name is Ivy Gordon Edmonds. He was born and raised in Texas.

"Solomon in Kimono," about the tales of the 18th-century Japanese
judge Ooka Tadasuke (Oh-oh-ka Ta-das-kay) was first published in
Pacific Stars & Stripes, was eventually retitled "Ooka the Wise" and
then, in 1966, SBS published it as "The Case of the Marble Monster."

For those who care about accuracy, the afterwords in "Solomon in
Kimono" and "Ooka: More Tales of Solomon in Kimono" make it clear that
many stories the Japanese attribute to Ooka are actually fictional
Japanese folk tales - or sometimes not even Japanese, as in the Aesop-
derived tale of the Stronger Stick! However, the stories in COTMM
which DO seem to have a direct connection to Ooka are: Marble Monster,
Terrible-Tempered Tradesman, Tosuke's Tax, Willow Witness, Wasted
Wisdom, Suspect Statue, First Two Sons, and Death Decree.

There are other stories you will only find in the original books.

In Contemporary Authors: "I. G. Edmonds's interest in folklore began
when he was serving in the South Pacific during World War II.
Impressed by a native chief's story of how his atoll in the Eillice
Islands was created, Edmonds started collecting folk tales in the
countries he visited."

Back cover of CotMM:

"If you were a judge, would you: -punish a man for stealing a SMELL? -
call in a WILLOW TREE as a witness to a crime? -order a barber to give
an OX a shave? Judge Ooka does all these things. And when Ooka
commands, let the thief and the cheat beware!"

("Honest Thief" story)

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However, the teacher's constant mispronunciation will put your teeth
on edge.

("Ooka & the Death Decree")

(The real Ooka Tadasuke - includes "Stolen Smell" and "Suspect

("Tosuke's Tax")

Includes "Dog's Punishment," "Real Mother," and "Pickpockets."


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Also author of more than forty additional novels under five other