Happy 80th, Phil Hirsch! (war anthologies & joke books)

He lives in Westbury, NY. His career includes: "Pyramid Communications,
Inc., New York City, vice-president, 1955-75; Phi Publishing Corp., New
York City, president and publisher, 1976-77; Ideal Publishing, New York
City, president and publisher, 1977--."

Clearly, many of his books are not for kids.


How to Be a Jewish President, Kanrom, 1966.

(With Paul Laikin) One Hundred and One Watch Jokes, Pyramid
Publications, 1971.
(With Laikin) GVRAB Bag of Humor, Pyramid Publications, 1974.
(With Laikin) Vampire Jokes and Cartoons, Pyramid Publications, 1974.
(Under pseudonym Bob Vlasic) One Hundred and One Pickle Jokes, Pyramid
Publications, 1974.
(With Laikin) Ghouling Around, Pyramid Publications, 1975.
(With Laikin) Athlete's Feat, Pyramid Publications, 1975.
(With Laikin) Classic Corny Joke Book, Pyramid Publications, 1975.
Gorilla Jokes, Grosset, 1976.
Behind the Ape Ball, Scholastic Book Services, 1978.
One Hundred and One Hamburger Jokes, Scholastic Book Services, 1978.
Santa Claus Jokes, Grosset, 1978.
Chicken Jokes, Grosset, 1979.
The Jogging Joke Book, Xerox Education Publications, 1979.
Grinner's Book of Funny Facts, Xerox Education Publications, 1979.

Phil Hirsch: Madman at Large, Scholastic Book Services, 1980.
Pet Jokes, Scholastic Book Services, 1980.

Editor of anthologies; all published by Pyramid Publications:

Men Behind Bars, 1957.
The Death Dealers, 1957.

Fighting Generals, 1960.
(With Edward Hymoff) The Kennedy War Heroes, 1960.
Fighting Eagles, 1961.
The War Between the Mates, 1961.
Business With Pleasure, 1962.
Something for the Boys: Girls, 1962.
Open Your Mouth and Say Ha, 1962.
Mister and Mistress, 1963.
Spy and Counterspy, 1963.
By the She, 1963.
One Against the Enemy, 1963.
(Under pseudonym Norman Lemon Peel) The Power of Positive Drinking,
She Drives 'Em Crazy, 1963.
Great Unknown Stories of World War II, 1963.
War, 1964.
Laugh 'Til You Bust, 1964.
Fighting Marines, 1964.
Two on the Isle, 1964.
World War I, 1964.
P.O.W., 1964.
Ghoul Days, 1964.
Man and Strife, 1965.
The Cursed, 1965.
Fighting Aces, 1965.
Hollywood Uncensored, 1965.
Death House, 1965.
(With Hymoff) The Kennedy Courage, 1965.
Killer Subs, 1965.
Come on 'a My House, 1965.
Grin and Bare It, 1966.
Underwater, 1966.
Pettin' Place, 1966.
Good for What Jails You, 1966.
A Mad Passion for Murder, 1966.
Beastly Humor, 1967.
Wedding and Bedding, 1967.
Once Over Nightly, 1967.
Vietnam Combat, 1967.
Brass in Battle, 1967.
Medal of Honor, 1967.
Cop, 1967.
Dirty Little Wars, 1967.
Hitler and His Henchmen, 1967.
Hollywood Confidential, 1967.
The Tormented, 1967.
Can You Topless This?, 1967.
Through Enemy Lines, 1967.
Alley of the Dolls, 1968.
Sports Before Your Eyes, 1968.
A Man for All Squeezin's, 1968.
Gay Divorcees, 1968.
Never on Freud Day, 1968.
Kidding Around, 1968.
Supernatural, 1968; Hooked, 1968.
(With Laikin) One Hundred and One Hippie Jokes, 1968.
Great Combat Stories of the Korean War, 1968.
Jungle Belles, 1969.
Great Adventures in Daredevil Sports, 1969.
From Here to Maternity, 1969.
Listen, White Man, I'm Bleeding, 1969.
Medical Miracles, 1969.
From Bed to Worse, 1969.
Out to Launch, 1969.
Survival, 1969.

Teen Power, 1970.
Too Funny for Words, 1970.
The Racketeers, 1970.
Man Cannot Live by Broad Alone, 1970.
More Teen Power, 1970.
Courtoons, 1970.
New Yock, New Yock, 1970.
The Comedians, 1970.
The Young Toughs, 1970.
(With Laikin) How Sick Can You Get?, 1970.
The World's Greatest Lovers, 1970.
Everything's Relative, 1970.
Disasters, 1971.
Fires, 1971.
The Mafia, 1971.
The Age of Hilarious, 1971.
Armed Farces, 1971.
Adam's Ribs, 1971.
The Killers, 1971.
Great Stories of the Wild West, 1971.
The Infernal Revenue Service, 1972.
Kid's Lib, 1973.
Ghosts, Monsters, and Witches, 1973.
More Kids' Lib, 1974.
(With Laikin) Good and Sick, 1974.
The Copulation Explosion, 1974.
(With Laikin) Sick of the Crop, 1975.