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At this point I have 4 computers - a linux file server (MyBookWorld),
a Dell 1.4 ghz running Ubuntu (recently - Windows broke),

How's Ubuntu working out for ya?

The windows computers on the network can't access the files
on the Ubuntu computer drives;

No samba installation on that box? I thought ubuntu had it as part of
the default install...
Never heard of it ... looks tricky to set-up , but I'll consider it
when I've rested.

What flavor of video card are you using? Most of the Nvidia and ATI
models offer some control over overscan areas.
That same one from before - GeForce FX 5200.

The FX has the ability to control overscan. I'm not at all sure how
you do it if this is the ubuntu machine, but you'll be able to find
the relevant settings in the nvidia control panel application if this
is the windows box.

Buying a stronger computer is pointless unless I buy an HD
monitor to go with it, and I can't find a ~35 inch flat-screen
monitor with PC and SVHS inputs for under the $700 I would
be willing to pay - the market wants twice that.

If you're willing to go down to 32 inches, the numbers get much more
favorable. I bought two of them last year for under $500 each.
They've got to be cheaper now...
Even at 32 inches, I'm seeing prices of $650;
where do you shop?

It's more a question of WHEN do I shop. One of them I got from The other was a black friday special. A buddy here got
one at staples on BF this year, for just a hair over $400.

A MyBookWorld has to be hacked to load any software into
it; it's intended purely as a file server (and is not suited for
file storage, as currently implemented).

Isn't the whole point of a file server to do file storage? Can't be a
file server without files. :(
It's not that the storage doesn't work, but that the box simply
isn't reliable enough for archival purposes.

I should mention, the FAT32 out of the box drives mount
just fine on a cold boot through a hub; after reformating
to EXT3, they won't. Probably because the autorun and .ini

Does the mybook require you to use EXT3?
The manual specifies FAT32.

files get erased in the reformat. But FAT32 won't support
files over 2 GB, and I have some 18 GB avi files.

18GB... are you working with DV?
I presume so; it's one hour live recording from a video camera.

BTW, when are XVDs that can handle that much data coming
out for use by home video makers?
XDV? I'm not familiar with that term.

I invented it. DVD, HDVD, BVD, EVD - just call 'em all XVD.

Well, you could go BluRay or HD-DVD if you're that desperate for more
archival media. But speaking from experience, if it's DV you're
trying to back up, it's generally cheaper to just purchase a second DV
tape and dub the original.
In this application I want storage that will still be playable
in 20 years. Is that on the market?