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>"Nakajima, Aya" <nakajima@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Fine ELL, fine. You are a very humourous man and a fine judge of the
>> difference between witty and serious comments. I Obviously have much
>> to learn from one such as you. And I do apologize for not seeing the
>> comedy in your comment *reference to past weekend's nastiness snipped*
>Yet, despite the fact that I apologised, publically, SEVERAL TIMES for a
>post which was VERY out of line, and despite the fact that you originate
>from such a polite, refined society, you certainly seem to feel no shame in
>continually beating me over the head with something I have admitted was a
>poor joke on my part and have apologised for. Where is the honor and
>civility in this? Please explain it to me.
Yes, you are correct. I unfortunately chose you to vent my grief about
men in general and I am sorry about that. It was very uncivil about me
and I am very ashamed of my poorly used judgement in this group as it
pertains to you and the membership at large. My nerves are more
sensitive than I realized about this and I am considering going back
into therapy for it. It shames me that I chose a few of you to pound
my frustrations about my husband when you did nothing to deserve it.
My tattered honour, what of it I have salvaged over the years is not
reflected well this past week and I say to you and others reading this
post that I shall do what I can to mend my mistakes, and rein in my
temper more.

>And forgive my rudeness in saying so, but you also seem rather fond,
>recently, of beating the entire newsgroup over the head with your past
>domestic problems. While it is certain that the many of us here on this
>newsgroup sympathise with you, perhaps it might be best if, in the future,
>you simply avoid the threads where behavior or humor is being discussed that
>might bring up those painful memories you have, rather than continuing to
>attempt to inflict guilt for the sins of all males on the populace of this
>newsgroup by repeatedly admonishing us about the sins one man committed
>against you and your daughters?
Again, this is my lashing out in blind anger about what slights I
perceive against women because of what happened in my past. I can only
promise that for the forseable future that I will try and improve
myself and participate in a more friendly and less barbed fashion with
all of you, and with hope that you might forgive my anger against you
sometime in the future so we may be more as friends than as

>I can certainly sympathise with what you have experienced. I cannot directly
>empathise, but I do understand. I can also relate to holiday depression--and
>what I infer from your posts tells me you are suffering from a fairly
>unpleasant bout of that as well, despite your plans to visit your honored
>mother in your honorable land of origin. I would just like to caution you,
>for a moment, that misery does not necessarily love company, and that if you
>feel topics that make you uncomfortable or stir unpleasant memories are
>being discussed here, perhaps it would do best if you simply remand yourself
>to the topics of direct, topically-relevant interest to you--ie, the threads
>that are explicitly about specific anime--rather than knowingly entering
>threads you know will trigger unpleasant memories and thoughts in you, and
>prompt you to reply in a manner contradictory to the spirit of such threads?

Yes, again you are correct. It is possible holiday depression, but I
am hoping that maybe I'll be able to find solice and forgiveness for
my shattered equilibrium when I visit my honoured mother and sister
again. And maybe, just maybe be returned to the path of stability with

It is strange when I look back upon my younger self at the end of
secondary school at my graduation with all my hopes and dreams for the
future and then look upon the woman that I am now and see an opposite
to the young woman that I was. I wonder when exactly I became who I am
this past week. Maybe with going home, even for awhile, my family
might be able to re-introduce me to that young woman. Maybe she'll
even come back to Canada with me so I might be able to introduce you
all to her...

>This is merely a humble suggestion on my part, Nakajima-san. Feel free to
>ignore it, as I am unworthy to address one such as yourself.

Thank-you for the advice Eternal Lurker. I shall not ignore it for
insight to ones self is rarely found in ones self. And please, do not
depreciate yourself, it is I who have been unworthy of your attention
this week. I alone am the one who needs to be tempered better.

Nakajima, Aya ^__^
Perhaps in the future, might we be friends?