Re: How Does Chlorine Kill Fish?

"IDzine01" wrote...
Just curious...

How does chlorine affect fish? If you forgot to add your water
conditioner would your fish succumb to the toxins in minutes, hours,
days or just leave them susceptible to infection?

damages gills, inhibits respritory functions, and affects kidneys, thereby
reducing their ability to filter toxins from the blood. basically they die
by blood poisoning/kidney failure or suffocation. i've read here a few
times about people who forgot to add water treatment and later found their
fish gasping for air at the surface. based on this information my guess
would be short term immediate dangers are to gill function. longer termed
exposure (at lower levels) would affect kidneys.

I know someone is going to say it depends on how much chlorine, but for
the sake of argument, let's just say "average" tap water treated with
chlorine. (Whatever that means)

Then, same question again but with chloramines.

i would infer they are about the same, but i cant answer that one for sure.