Re: How much epsom salt to combat dropsy?

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here is the treatment for dropsy pioneered by Jo Ann, the Goldfish

basically it is: shove temp up to 86oF, add 1/8 teaspoon of Epsom
salts per 5 gallons and NO regular salt.
feed antibiotic food like romet or with oxolinic acid

I have heard of humans getting fish mycobacterium. but in humans it
is a cutaneous form of TB. I dont think you have it anymore, just the
antibody. dropsy is caused by lots and lots of different things.
dropsy is a loss of regulation of electrolytes, sorta like edema in
humans. heat is the most important part of treating it in fish.

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Hi Dr. Solo,

Thank you for your continuing responses & help over the past
couple weeks.
I have 3 more questions:

1. When using epson salt, do I dose the tank once, or keep
adding a new dose every day? I would assume that just one dose of the
proper strength is needed.

2. Will the epsom salt hurt my other goldfish, which shows no
signs of any problems? I only have one tank. Do I need to get
another one and separate the 2 fish? They are real "close" and I
think they would be stressed to be separated. Once when I put a
partition in the tank both struggled like crazy to get to each other
past the partition.

3. Finally, where in the world can I get romet B? I spent five
hours yesterday in a nearby large city visiting 6 fish shops and
none of them had romet, and even claimed to have neever heard of it.

Thanks again,