Pasting between different size auto-wrappers?

Since USEnet has been killed by blogs, you may not want to type into the
blog-enter-frame like a superficial twitterer. You may want to compose a well
thought out text, which you can PASTE later; even when the currently presented
blog-enter-frame has disappeared. IE. you may want to be in control, and not
just obey "fill in here".

Pasting from a normal editor, where you have determined where the line-breaks
occur, will likely mess the appearance of your text, if your chosen line length
exceeds that of the browser.

Also you may not want to be 'married to' any particular browser.
So the line lengths must be able to auto-adjust.
AFAICS the act-of-pasting automatically places a line-break according to the
appearance of the paste-source. So you CAN'T achieve auto-line-wrap by
avoiding pasting line-breaks.

Do you see a solution to this problem.

== TIA.