Re: Extremely frustrated looking for newsreader software, please help...

SINNER wrote:

Its been a while. Blinky had an issue with it Loooooong ago and went into one of the mozilla groups to discuss it and was flamed to high hell. He reported back in here. You wont find a bug report becasue they view it as a feature.

The Mozilla people are very hard-headed. I complained about their removing the date and time configuration ability several years ago and they seemed to not care.

Their last good release was Mozilla 1.7 IIRC.

They add new bells and whistles while breaking usable and needed features.

Anyway, those quotes look like the same ones that the earlier poster, AzzMazta, provided, where I said the quotes were not my original material (inside an incorrect attribute).

Those snippets were hosed up by AzzMazta. Take another look at <i5jug3$p9m$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and see where my material is good and
his stuff is broken up and makes no sense.

Oh, I get all that and was confused by his post as well. But if you look at my smaller sample above, youll notice that when you replied to tell him so the second time, TB added additional blank lines to quoted material.

Could that be because I use Format=Flowed? It may be adding a space, which might be moved to a new line in a quote.

Everything I post looks good (to me), even when I use different newsreaders to view the messages. You probably see my stuff good too, but that message was hosed by AzzMazta.

Totally agree. This TB 'feature' has been around for a very long time. If you were to get into long discussions that happen to have lots of quoted blanks it becomes very clear as you move down thread.

Did that help explain it?

Yes and thanks.

Found mention of it, watch for wrap:

That is a six-year-old discussion!

I think this might have been the thread:

That is a five-year-old discussion!

I don't know if that particular problem exists today. Thunderbird has gone through many "upgrades" since 2004-2005.

It is hard for me to tell because I do trim away excessive spacing in quoted material, and then add space so my text is separated by two blank lines from quoted blocks. If I don't do this, then my text can appear to be part of the quoted block.

I know it adds a couple of lines, but clarity in reading and interpreting what I post is my main concern. I see so many sloppy replies from people who evidentially don't recognize their messages are difficult to read, or often impossible when they butcher the attribute, etc.

For those who use text-only newsreaders, like Xnews, slrn, et al, they will see a "raw" text output. I'm not sure how this looks on Xnews because I don't have it available in Wine on this Ubuntu workstation. I think it is on a different one, and probably on an old Windows workstation. When I fire up a box with Xnews, I'll have a look-see in this group.


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