Re: Extremely frustrated looking for newsreader software, please help...

AzzMazta wrote:
On Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:42:40 -0500, John F. Morse wrote:

AzzMazta wrote:
On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 23:39:40 -0500, John F. Morse wrote:

(bodily function)
(helps reduce Google ranking)
(while keeping the original post legitimate)
(doesn't do much, but it makes me feel better about it)
I didn't say any of the above.

Please learn to correctly attribute your quoting lines.

I kept yours as ">" and put my stuff in between. Like I'm doing right now,
except this time, I'm now ">>" and you are ">".

As I stated, none of the quoted material was posted by me. It makes absolutely no sense to me. It was from somebody else, and you removed their attribute information while retaining mine. Or your newsreader is broken.

Whatever you use as a quote delimiter is optioned in your newsreader. I don't see ">" nor ">>" here. I use vertical lines, which indent multiple times to match the quoted depth.

I refuse to read/raise the search rankings of that Teenage Heap-O-Dung in
any way. It's blocked out from my machine using Firefox's BlockSite.
What does a browser (Firefox) have to do with NNTP Usenet groups?

Web/Usenet gateways. I've seen a few other than Google Groups, mostly for
sites with specific subjects or binary sites, but can't name them off the
top of my head.

Sorry. I'm aware of those "Webnews" portals and software, but I thought we were discussing "real" NNTP news, using a newsreader, and how to filter.

This is, after all, and not *.browsers. ;-)

Only for those who have fun arguing I suppose.

Admit it, arguing about politics can be fun :)

Anything can be fun to anyone, including illegal and immoral material.

I just try to avoid online and face-to-face discussions that cause an endless string of replies that are going nowhere.

But this personal choice of likes and dislikes really has nothing to do with newsreaders. ;-)


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