Re: [JR] Unlike newsreaders, X.EXE is chock-full of bugs which plague its user

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Peter J Ross <pjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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pointy-hat guy wrote:

I think, on reflection, that it's more like a pointy head than a
pointy hat.

A pointy head is a good reason to wear a pointy hat. Jeff Я smrt.

Besides Google Groups, which runs on countless operating systems,
ThunderBird ( which runs on X11, Linux&Unix, Macs, Vista, etc. )
also displays “ news:Jeff_Relf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|0.23am|b ”

What do you mean by "correctly"? You're intentionally borking your
headers, apparently to prevent the notion of "correct display" from
making sense in the context of your posts.

To be fair, I don't think Jeff's posts contain anything that's
forbidden by an RFC, so they're not "borked" according to that

2822, section 2.2.