Re: [JR][Dialog] Lost ability to download in some groups

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On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 18:48:15 -0600
Eggs Zachtly <re@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Who's the the idiot that said "Relfjuice" three times and brought the
putz back from the dark? It's been a nice, peaceful couple of years with
it gone.

I only said it once, but it was me, sorta. He posted before I did, but he
didn't seem to know what groups his posts were going to before I followed
up one of his.

Once he gets tired of being where people can see how wrong he is about
everything, he'll go again, and I won't make that mistake again.

He's still in the dark, though. His last trip here taught him about Q-and
B-encoding, so some good came of it for a while. Now he's abandoned the
RFCs, instead relying on Google Groups or Windows Mail to set standards
for him.

Speaking of non-standard encodings, W xigh vcds hvoh hkc asbhwcbg ct pswbu
wb hvs rofy rcb'h qoigs vwa hc dcgh o dwqhifs ct hvs qojs vs zwjsg wb.

That's the worst ROT26 I've ever seen...

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