Re: Mac / OSX based NNTP proxy

Evan Platt wrote:
Hope this is OK for this group...

I'm looking for a usenet proxy / filter app.

Basically I have a OS/X box which acts as a server at my house for
mail and web. On my desktop systems (*doze), I use Agent for usenet
news. I'd like to do filtering for things not currently available in
Agent - primarily Message-ID.

Is there a fairly easy to configure app that will run on my OS/X box
that will handle this?

I'd basically configure my news client to use the IP of my server, the
server would proxy the connection out to the news server I use
(, and this app would drop posts that meet the
filtering criteria I select.

Thanks. :)


The Message-ID is unique for each and every message. I can't understand how or why you would attempt to filter on it. You wouldn't know what it is until a message header was downloaded, and by then it would be a little late to filter the message. Could you please explain your need for this?

Perhaps you are thinking of filtering on the domain portion of the Message-ID? Be forewarned that several newsreaders permit the user to select what is used in the domain portion of the Message-ID. That would provide a "nym-shift" of sorts.

Perhaps using the NNTP-Posting-Host would be an alternative for filtering on someone's IP. However, it isn't always available in every message header. It can also change if the user's IP changes, very common for a dial-up ISP account.

As for Mac NNTP software, I used RumorMill for five years before I switched to INN on a GNU/Linux box. My RumorMill still works, and I use it from time to time to pull (suck) news from one of my two ISP's NNTP servers. Then it peers with the INN box.

It is running under OS 9.0.4 on a PowerMac 7600/120. The developer has provided OS-X versions for several years, dropping the "Classic" version support.

Hmmm... Looking at his Website, it appears he has stopped development of the OS-X version, but the older Classic version is still available. This is a GUI easy-to-configure NNTP server, and runs well without crashing (which I would blame on OS 9 and the Mac memory leak problems).

In defense, I do have a SIMS MTA/MDA that runs for around a year or so between crashing under OS 9.0.4 on a PowerMac 8500/120. Again, I don't think it is SIMS crashing, but the Mac OS (total lock-up requiring a reboot). After 31 years of Apple (22 with Macs), I abandoned them after eight years of running Linux showed me which OS was superior.

I do have one iMac (Slot-Loading) with OS-X (10.3.9), but it is not much more than a "toy" compared to a Linux box. I use it mainly as a terminal every few months, after an hour of updating iTunes and other iThings which I really could care less about. ;-)

Apple's OS-X is definitely a much better OS than Windoze, but Apple still suffers the same EULA and un-free (both in cost and freedom) problems that Micr0$lut demands of its customers.

If you are running OS-X, you could probably run any Linux NNTP server, such as the Leafnode mentioned by Sn!pe. Or INN (also free of cost and free of restrictions). Or any of the many others available, including the Highwinds' Typhoon and Cyclone (co$t$ a lot though).

Another thought is you could find a decent PC in a dumpster on which you could run Linux and a real NNTP server. Mine are old AMD-K6 233 and 266 MHz CPUs with 128 MB of RAM and small 4.3 GB hard drives, running Debian 3.1 ("Sarge"). Much cheaper than tying up an expensive (over-priced) power-gobbling Mac.

Linux never crashes. My current INN server has an uptime of 223 days since I last rebooted it. A similar Debian 3.1 box, running the BIND9 DNS server, Fetchmail, Stunnel, and ntpd, has an uptime exceeding it's ability to keep the total. It was booted on November 22, 2006, and is still going. Plus, it has only 64 MB of RAM.

Give dumpster-diving a try, or be alert on trash day for that curbside jewel. Garage sales also provide similar PCs for $5 or less.


No Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Intel, Novell, Trend Micro, nor Ford products were used in the preparation or transmission of this message.

The EULA sounds like it was written by a team of lawyers who want to tell me what I can't do. The GPL sounds like it was written by a human being, who wants me to know what I can do.

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