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if you wanted  to be a Muslim go to the nearest islamic
center in your

No I don't and I'll not.

Just wonder if you are shooting for the next "72 raisins
crackpot religion" kook award with your multiple posts or
is this just reserved for christian nutcases.

As for me, you get my vote.

But most likely you wouldn't even see this response,
people like you don't have the nerve to engage in a
serious discussion anyway. Because if you would here is my
question, when these nasty Cartoons came out of Europe
who of you Muslims did ever bother to find out if
the "creator" of them where "christian" or basically
anti religioues dudes, instead Muslims-Leaders used this
as a excuse for more violence against others of
different faiths. Whenever Muslims engage in violence
they show the true nature of their religion. Or just
like these hostage-takers. "Dafur" is another example.

No thanks no need for a religion like that.

Dragomir Kollaric

Both of you need to take this to email. If you can't then use
you killfile, I'm going to.


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