Re: Making XNews filters persist?

Blinky the Shark <no.spam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Bluuuue Rajah wrote:

Is there any way to keep my XNews filters active from one session to
another. It seems that the most trivial things will clear a filter,
such as discarding headers that I don't want to look at any more.
It's becomeing very tedious to have to continually type in the same
filter, over and over.

Just for the record, you're aware of the score file, right?

The problem with the score file is that you can only score one thread at
a time. Until the election is past, I'm trying to eliminate all
political threads. There are a lot of them, and it is very laborious to
eliminate them one at a time.

So far, I'm just recalling past filters from the list, marking
everything read and discarding them. From other posts, I gather that's
the best way to do it with XNews. :(