Re: Usenet/News -> web/book/etc.

John Hosking wrote:

On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 23:46:44 +0100, Whiskers wrote:

Google's recent
decision to display the article for a few days before hiding it was
presumably to make the Google Groups usenet interface a little more usable
as a reading and posting method (and thus likely to garner more eyeballs to
see and click on the adverts that are the whole reason for Google's

Speaking of eyeballs, this stuck in mine. You make it sound as if GG
readers of news articles and threads are being bombarded with those dratted
adverts, and Google is just lying in wait, ready to pounce, using news
articles as a kind of bait.

I'm not a regular GG user (and so don't have a URL memorised or bookmark
set), so to get to GG I went to the Google home page (no ads), searched on
"google groups", looked at the results page (no ads), selected the first
result, which took me to the GG start page (no ads), poked around
selecting/searching for newsgroups, found n.s.readers and selected a thread
and read a post. I never saw a single ad.

I don't seen anywhere, there, where you signed up for GG, logged into GG
and used GG as a member.

By your statement, since the ads are not being shown to GGers, Google

You aren't a GGer. You were simply doing a search using GG.

So did I misunderstand your meaning, or what?

Apparently. You missed 50% of "reading and posting method".

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