Re: XNA redux

Mike Easter wrote:

It seems reasonable to ask an XNAer what is the main 'reason' or intent
s/he chooses to do so

This article^1 suggests/mentions that:
- an article may have only a short timespan of accuracy/interest
- there is some kind of 'privacy' issue

.... but I disagree with both of those concepts, because the XNAer is
'predicting' that what they said at one point in time is no longer
'relevant' at some other point in the future, but the article may actually
have unexpected relevance that they cannot predict in advance; and the
privacy issue is 'misguided' because there is nothing to prevent some
other poster from citing what the XNAer said, so that the content of the
xna post is preserved anyway.

That article goes on to say that newsreaders such as OE which aren't very
capable of adding headerlines can use the first line for such as GG ^1 Prevent Newsgroup Postings
From Being Archived

This article^2 tells OE users how to create a true XNA header by using the
World <return> trick in Keywords or Distribution. ^2 it is possible to add
custom headers to your news posts.

OTOH ontheotherhand; if the XNA choice is based on some kind of
'copyright' concept, then I think that angle should be discussed by those
who believe so -- because copyright is different from XNA.

Mike Easter